Friday, February 27, 2015

Darkridderx Lvl 54 Male Turtle Costumed
Not sure what the other names on the account are..
Enjoy and good luck.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Endless Online Give Away

Endless Online is a 2D fantasy MMORPG with vintage graphics and gameplay. Create a character, pick up the basics, explore dungeons and become a hero! The retro visuals will attract fans of early era PC RPGs. In Endless Online you get to be what you want to be from warrior to mage. EO is mainly social with RPG aspects so be ready to make alot of "friends".


       Endless Online

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Winner Is Adrian Rasmussen

Strife 50 Dollar In Game Code Giveaway

Good luck and hope you all enjoy!
Hopefully I'll be doing more giveaways soon and for better products!

If you have any ideas for giveaways just leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

     This may sound like something straight out of War Games with a title like "Digital War" but this is real life. The digital world is always undergoing some sort of "war" like atmosphere. From government, major websites, to gaming the attacks are real and devastating to some. Most these attacks are carried out with DdoS attacks. A DDoS is short for "distributed denial-of-service"  these attacks can cause major shut downs of websites and cause much frustration to everyday users. But it can also bring "lulz" to others and that alone is reason enough for them to do it.

      I have embedded a real time "attack map" below for you all to check out. I will also be providing a link for you to check if maybe it's just your connection or if a site is down for everyone HERE. Alot of people don't realize they could be "attacking" a website inadvertently by being part of a "botnet". There computer becomes a slave to the master system and can be used to attack others without even knowing it these computers are called "Zombies". If you would like to learn more about Zombie computers make sure to check out Zonealarms post, "Is Your PC a Zombie?" and "8 Signs Your Pc Might Be A Zombie".

     Being as there is so many ways one could be infected it's hard to say if the security you have now could actually stop your computer from becoming one of the millions of Zombies out there in the wide world. I will also provide a site with 8 FREE botnet removal tools, mind you none of them are a garentee fix. Just because they claim you are safe and clean doesn't mean you are.. Make sure to get tested for aids.. I mean virus's, malware and so on and so forth regularly.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Off Site Link:

Copyright and Disclaimer
I claim no rights to this documentary, it is the sole property of it's creator. "Anonymous Official" Uploaded this video to youtube and is no way affiliated with CTronic. This document can be found openly on youtube and google. I personally am unaware of who the proper owner of this content is but if they were to contact me via I would willingly take down the video(from or give proper credit.

'Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for 'fair use' for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use'

Anonymous Official,
Published on Oct 13, 2014Anonymous - Web Warriors Full Documentary
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Enter the world of hackers and cyber sleuths.
The internet is touted as one of the most important inventions in the history of modern man, and like the discovery of the atom, its ability to benefit mankind is matched only by its potential to unleash massive destruction.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

 Sign The Petition Here

Take action with us to permanently remove cat and dog meat from the YuLin Festival in China.  Join us on Facebook at for ways to get involved in preventing further torment. Follow us at: @StopYulin2015 You can also follow the movement on the Tag Board #StopYuin2015. Tagboard added by: Cykkatron

Time is of the essence - The annual YuLin Summer Solstice Dog Eating Festival takes place on June 21st, in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, People's Republic of China. Because there are no animal welfare protection laws in China, saving stolen dogs & cats from the pain & torture of the meat trade is difficult.

We ask for your time, not your money. Won’t you please join our campaign to help end the intolerable suffering of the cats and dogs in YuLin, China? Help is needed by reporting on this prior to March 31st 2015 - preparations will already be in place after that to kick off the festival.

YuLin, hell on earth for cats & dogs! #StopYuLin2015 - YouTube - VIDEO - This video demonstrates the cruelty cats and dogs go through prior to the festival.  Their journey to the festival is fraught with pain and agony. The owners of stolen pets have no recourse either because law enforcement on pet theft is lacking.




Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The legend of the "ground people" have been around since the 2nd version of Seattle was built after the Great Seattle Fire of 1889. This fire consumed the muck filled huts that passed as city houses of its time. The new city being built out of bricks and stone was built on top of the mucky left overs of Seattle pre-1889. The ground people have been rumored to of moved into the underground via sewage passages ways and tunnels meant to repair the underground structures that help support Seattle.
file9111277786723I was very interested in finding all I could about the "ground people" and the myths that consumed and shadowed them from the real world. So my adventure to confront one of these sub-humanoids began in near 1st ave. Everyone I spoke too told me I was insane and that the underground has been closed to the public. But I knew for the right price I could find a human trafficker that would smuggle me into this other worldly part of Seattle. I kept on with my search until I met a fellow by the name of "Jim Bridges".
Jim was a burly looking guy, a real mans man. He wasn't much for idle chit chat, straight to the point with this fellow. I informed him of my plans to interview a underground citizen of Seattle. He told me Bill Speidel did a tour still, I told him I don't want none of that safety first bull. I wanted the real dirty Seattle underground where the grounders live. He nodded and told me he could get me into this part of the city for a price, with that we parted for the day. I knew what I had to do and I did it, I sold my Honda Civic for $900 and called Jim up.
The venture to the Underground City was interesting, we found a manhole near Madison Manhole Cover 2band slipped right in. We followed the sewer line for about 3 blocks until Jim pointed out a "door" that looked more like a piece of plywood stood up over a hole. But I decided this guy must know what he's doing if he has the courage to take $900 from me S6000466and lead me into a sewer line.
We walked for over 30 minutes until I noticed that the cement had turned to muck and the smell of old condoms and fart had wore off. I was stunned by the structors I was seeing, these weren't the old buildings that "burnt". These were new town homes and luxury mansions built underground out of the trash from above. Jim pointed me to a circular building and told me that is where I should start first, he then gave me a little nudge and walked away.
I made my way to the building, slowly but surely I walked up the steps. I felt myself trembling waiting to see what these "grounders" looked like. I found myself crying as I reached for the door knob made out of a pepsi can. As I opened the door I heard it, a loud screech. They were there, the grounders the people of legends and myths. I got to see them but for a split second before one of them hit me with a 2x4. When I awoke I was in a rusted tube with cold ice and mud all over me, my side was in so much pain and my pants and wallet were gone.running-ice-bath
I'm not sure what exactly happened after the grounders attacked me but I do know this one day I will make my way back into the undergrounds and find my attacker and give him a what for.

All characters are made up, this story is not true and is purely for entertainment hope you enjoyed it.

Monday, January 12, 2015

My Top Games Of 2014

These games are not in any certain order, so here we go!!!!!!

1. Gods Among Us

So I loved this game, not really the story it was pretty short and boring but the multiplayer was awesome. It was just like Mortal Kombat but with superheroes oh and Scorpion. You get to beat the living sh!t out of each other with your favorite villains or heroes!  As this shows 40mins of playing goes by fast when you have a friend over, it didn't feel nearly that long.

2. Outlast

Outlast was one of the 1st games I played for the ps4, originally I broadcasted with my friends watching but forgot to save so I re-broadcasted and uhh forgot to turn on the mic.. Which is a good thing because I screamed like a girl at certain parts and I'm glad the world doesn't get to see that. This game is awesome when your alone and it's dark.. Oh and you either have headphones or a really good sound system!

3. Minecraft

Well as we all know minecraft is the best building game around. Nothing can beat minecraft as a building/survival block game. I original played MC on the PC and even ran my own server so of course I had to get it for the ps4 and the fact it was only 8 dollars used I couldn't refuse buying it. The worlds are huge and the skin packs are awesome!

4. Warframe No Video

Warframe is a free mmorpg on the ps4 and xboxone also I believe the pc, it's addicting as hell and could be what destiny wasn't. This game has so many missions and constantly changing and updating, all I feel it's lacking is better PVP.