Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rape Culture

So nail polish to help stop rape is a thing now. Great, right?! Now us women can go out, enjoy ourselves (while not dressing too revealing), and protect ourselves from our own rape. It's a great day to be alive in 2014, kids.

Okay, look, I know these college kids were (probably... hopefully!) trying to be helpful and develop something to help protect women from violence. And I'm about that, usually... but let's not forget the real issue here: rape culture.
"Rape culture is a concept which links rape and sexual violence to the culture of a society, and in which prevalent attitudes and practices normalize, excuse, tolerate, and even condone rape."  (definition here)

Sounds like today, right? Sounds like a culture in which we would have something like rape prevention nail polish. This isn't okay, guys. There IS a reason women are getting so upset about this... because you're putting responsibility to make sure you aren't raped ON THE POTENTIAL VICTIM. Idea: Instead of coming up with technology to help decrease the chances of sexual assault... maybe we could spend more time on overcoming the mindset our culture has these days, thus actually helping to eliminate the chance of sexual assault and not just coping with the eventuality, which is what these things do, make it a very possible eventuality. Let's get informed about consent, discuss rape and how it is NEVER justified, and stop the sexism about men being only predators who can't help but get their needs met any way possible. (Ew, right? They deserve more credit than that, and young boys need to know they're responsible for their own actions.)

Consent, consent, consent! In short, it is an explicit YES to whatever sexual contact is happening between adults who are able to give consent. For more on when someone cannot give consent (YES, THAT IS POSSIBLE), what consent is - and isn't -, why it is needed, and more, check out this video from the lovely Laci Green.

It's sure to follow when someone was not able to give consent, changed their mind, and/or did not say "no" or fell silent. The slough of (ignorant/asshole) comments you may hear/say/think after someone has gone through a sexual assault? Here we go:
"She was wearing hardly anything."
"They were flirting all night, I doubt he really forced himself on her."
"She loves sex."
"She is a tease and should have known better than to lead him on like that."
"She said yes, THEN she said no. You can't do that!"
"She was all over me. Drunk? Sure! But she totally wanted it."
"She took it this far, then flipped when it went that far."
"She got nervous then called rape."
And a million other combinations of these things and more.

Look, rape is never okay, justifiable, reasonable, an option of any kind, etc. Somehow we've made it an open topic for interpretation and debate... but truthfully, it is not. Until we start tackling it head on in schools, the work place, and our own homes this culture of "paint your nails to make sure you don't get an unwanted penis in you" won't end. Rapists need to be responsible for the crimes they commit, survivors need continued lifetime support in many situations, and we need to stop handing down this mind set of "men can't control themselves and women are too seductive for their own good" through the generations.

For more information check out these videos on slut shaming, Steubenville, and consent.
Be #empowered today, #women.
Time for a #Change.
Wear the horizontal stripes, wear the print that makes your stomach and thighs look double as wide, it's YOUR body so wear what you Like! <3
#EffYourBeautyStandards to the women and men who give rules to bodies not categorized as "thin".
#FuckWhatTheySay when you work what you wear and don't let what you wear only work for you if your size is anything more than a size 0 - 2.
And when people say #Thin women have no problems with #prejudice and clothes, remember they better have a flat tummy, but a big ol' booty too
It won't stop until we as women are at #peace from #within. So buy the #croptop, eat the cake, and pay no mind to the #hate.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

There are extremists in all beliefs, but let's go back to the core idea of feminism.
Being a feminist doesn't mean hating men, it's being equal to them.
It doesn't mean not being a housewife and mother if you so choose, it means that we don't subscribe to the idea that just because your husband has a dick he can rule over you.
Feminism supports women who choose their life, if you treat your husband like a king and he refuses to treat you like a queen and you're okay with that, then who are we to decide for you what's wrong or right?
Feminism is simply the idea that on a hot day we aren't bound by shirts and bras while men run almost naked unbothered by society, but if we women did we'd be bashed for showing our bodies.
It's that we don't have to tolerate and accept sexist remarks because they're just "ill received compliments".
It's the stand we're taking to say that "like a girl" is just as powerful of a saying as "like a man".
It's this radical idea that we don't excuse boys and men degrading women because "boys will be boys". We believe men are just as responsible as us and can treat women fairly and just.
Being a feminist means that our belief is our breasts and nipples shouldn't be glamorized when men want to fuck us, but then condemned when feeding our children, being more comfortable, or present in public. Our bodies are not waiting around to please you, then to remain hidden until you want us again.

This is what we mean when we Hashtag #Feminism. This is what we mean when we speak about equal rights in 2014. I hope this can help you understand what we mean when we say we're a feminist.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Click to see the videos! If this doesn't show that the people want justice I don't know what does..Just because your a cop doesn't make you above WE THE PEOPLE.

Monday, August 25, 2014

R.I.P Mike Brown

    clicked this link on facebook thinking, oh sweet this is going to be a good article about Mike Brown's funeral (as good as one can be about a funeral)... And nope slap in the face to the recently deceased.. Half way through the 1st part I get to read,

"funeral of a strong-arm robbery suspect who allegedly punched a police officer in the face – but ignore the funerals of other, more worthy characters?"

    Like if it isn't enough that the boy was shot now his death is being played down by a piece of sh!t news site ( It states that Obama sent three members of his office to the funeral, acting like that's some big deal. If anything Obama should of went himself, he was more outraged about Treyvon then this more recent shooting. Don't get me wrong both are horrible, I'm just stating a fact. Obama must be to busy txting with Jay Z and kicking it with Kayne to really care about the real people of this land. But back to the story at hand, is comparing the deaths of ex-military men and "famous" people to Mike Brown a teen who was gunned down by a Officer.

   The death of Mike Brown has caused protests in Ferguson Mo, and many other places it only makes sense to send members of the White House to the funeral. It shows Obama is noticing what has happened and that he "cares" as much as he does. It helps settle the communities nerves knowing the president took notice to what happened and maybe just maybe agrees it was a sad and tragic event that could have been stopped. I find it sick and disgusting that a "news network" site would belittle a death so with this I'm leaving you the readers a link to the site and the contact information! Let it be known we the people do not agree with this kind of slander of a fallen child. Remember be peaceful but express how you feel and let them know this is wrong! Rest in peace Mike Brown, no matter the circumstances of the death no one should be spoken ill of after they are gone.
"Only God Can Judge You Now"

Link To The Article:

Author Of The Article:

Contact Info For Breitbart:

(Used a private register for the domain may be wrong address)
Street: 12808 Gran Bay Parkway West
City: Jacksonville
State/Province: FL
Postal Code: 32258
Country: US
Phone: +1.5707088780

Sunday, August 24, 2014

So with #HandsUpFriday photos I am seeing white people put #IllNeverHaveToDoThis...
I feel like we're underestimating #PoliceBrutality based on having #WhitePrivilege. #RacismInAmerica is clear and #Ferguson uncovered it for us who don't face it everyday, and I'm thankful for that. We need to #EndItStatistics show more #WhitePolice on #Black Civilian violence, I recognize that, and I'm #Disgusted by that.
#WhitePeople we can't rest on the color of our skin to be protected from #PoliceBrutality or act like it can't happen to us. The #corruption is in the system, in the insane power and immunity they receive. We need #Demilitarization of the police and accountability. #Race is a huge element of the #FergusonShooting and it brought it to light for those of us who didn't see it, thanks to #Activists and #IndependantMediaBut lets not forget that #PoliceBrutality in general as well as #OurRights that are being infringed upon needs major work. #OneAndAll need to come together, across lines of #Gender, #Age, and #Race, to #BeHeard and get #RealChange happening in ALL OF OUR CITIES.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Dear beauty industry,

I grew up trying to please you. My mom drilled my head with your propaganda, as so many women have. I heard that my flat chest is nothing you would wish on your worst enemy, so as young as 5 years old I vowed to get my boobs done. I had no idea thighs weren't supposed to touch when your feet are together and when I heard that shorts in public were a thing of the past; I was 10 years old. Blondes have more fun, my big ass was the only thing acceptable (thank you sir-mix-a-lot), and if when you're done waving, your arm keeps moving, the punishment had better be starvation. I pumped my mind with "thinspiration", felt superior during that one meal I didn't give in, but then felt like a complete failure when I finally did. I threw up the one half of my hot lunch I ate during 5th grade one day, thinking how could this be better than carrying a little extra weight? But you said it was, everyone said "thin is in" and "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" so I shut up and failed as I was trying to keep up with you and all your magical ideals. We would point and laugh at fat people with terror in our hearts that we would become them, yes that was our nightmare, not anything rational that we should have been aware of. Everyone was on a diet, everyone had "just 5 or 10 pounds" to lose, nobody was happy being simply them. Nobody ever said "you don't have to change" and "we like the way your hips shake", but meet them in the gym to work off our shame that we had to eat today, was all that anyone could think to say.

Which brings me to a point I want to make damn sure I make: other bodies are not up for target practice to catch all your shame and hate. I grew up in a family where it was okay to (sort of) inconspicuously point out "the guy to the left" and "the woman in pink to my right" and let me just say, it spawned nothing but fear, anger, and hate. I feared ever having rolls that couldn't be hidden with a shirt, I was angry that they could enjoy themselves fully in their voluptuous body while I was wasting my life at a healthy size, and I hated that we pointed it out because what were they saying about me if I noticed them? People are not something to be condemned in secret or in passing because of the way their body looks in comparison with YOUR preferences. You are not the be all end all of beauty, your opinion does not matter... so neither does mine, right? Right. People will always hate, but this message is for those that can be salvaged from dealing the hate and the beautiful people struggling with their body image - and not just weight.

Body positivity seems like a fat - only club, but that's just the start. Many people are body shamed for various reasons like...
Men who are intact (formerly known as uncircumcised)
People with disabilities that can look different from others
Women with small breasts
Men who aren't muscular
Women and men who are TOO THIN OR TOO MUSCULAR (Yes, skinny shaming is a thing and is usually done to be "body positive" about fat girls... but real body positivity is being positive about every type of body)
And the list goes on.
It's a sick, slippery slope and, as you can see, you cannot please everybody. Good news: We weren't created to. Everyone has a preference for whatever reason for what they desire in a partner and what they don't... but that's all it is... a PERSONAL preference. Not everyone was made to be desired, liked, and wanted by YOU.
So let people be people in all their unique glory and continue on being rad as fuck while loving and supporting every body.

Now for all the disclaimers and bullshit for the people who always misread/hate on body love pieces. You are welcome.
1. You don't "care about their health". I've said it, even believed it before, and it is a lie. I don't care about a thin persons health as they walk down the street, I don't run over to a man with a cane and ask how his last doctor visit went. Why? Because I don't have time, nor does anyone else, to be concerned with every individuals personal well being and health. Unless, of course, they're fat. Then I just simply must make sure they know that their weight is not good for their knees, heart, kidneys, etc. They're aware, okay? You don't know their medical history and it's not for you to know, leave it to the doctors.They know they are either healthy or unhealthy and it is THEIR decision to lose weight, gain weight, or remain at their weight, and it doesn't affect you one bit. So drop the "I'm so caring" bullshit and stop shaming bodies, capisce?

2. I'm not promoting obesity, un-healthiness, or lazy habits. I'm suggesting, as many now have in this body love movement, that your life doesn't need to wait for your body to change in order to be lived. Wear the bikini, have sex with the lights on, go rock climbing, take selfies without filters, work out, wear the horizontal stripes, eat what YOU want, don't shave, or shave it all, be proud. You're beautiful, worthy, and capable of unlimited pleasures and dreams right now, in this life.
   If we don't build this world how we want it, it will stay the same..The world doesn't change unless those who are living in it shape it the way they want. WE must stand up and fight for what we believe in even if others don't support it. Because if we don't who will? The big question is always "WHO WILL?"..The answer has always been simple US... WE THE PEOPLE!!
     It's funny to think back and remember being told one day your generation will run this country.. But they never told us it will be when we are in our late 40's and 50's that our votes actually count. The old out weigh the new, I know it sounds like I'm saying our votes or opinions don't matter but that's not what I'm saying at all. I believe we must change the elders views first if we want to change the world. If all we do is keep to our own clique or age group we wont solve anything. The elders run things right now and that's how it's going to be until they turn into our ancestors and are simple memories in history.

    But until then we must help them see the world how we want to see it. Don't do it in an aggressive way, but in a face to face sincere way that they can relate to. As hippie-ish as this sounds use Peace, Love, Unity to change their views. It's hard especially with the folks who are over 60, they lived in a different time and in their minds it hasn't changed too dramatically in the work force or in the real world but it truly has. We live this world daily we know how it works and how hard it truly can be in this day and age. Yes, they see the world has changed via the news.. But the mainstream media doesn't show the whole truth. We must open the minds of others but with out closing our own. Our elders and ancestors have a lot that they can teach us if we just listen and look to history. But remember don't become complacent, be vigilant learn and grow but keep on the path of change.

The Revolution Won't Be Televised It Will Be Embedded. 
Robin Williams, Sad, sad way to go out. He made millions laugh. He even made millions cry. He helped mold someones career. He was flat out, wonderful. But maybe that kid who was being bullied or had no friends over the summer were nice and wonderful too. Maybe somewhere in the world while people have
only been talking about this one sad event, multiple have happened? I am sure there were more people we could have mourned but we just didnt take time to think about it because they werent in the public eye(please excuse the run-on sentence). But rest assured these other human beings made someone laugh and made someone cry, and was flat out wonderful. So to those people and to Mr. Robin Willaims, the world will miss you all and lets have a drink when i get up there with you. Assuming there is an "Up There"...


Video Via Kron 4 News

Well "We shootin" is right, one man left dead after the concert according to MTV the shooting happened on the 22 and no arrests have been made. Police are currently investigating the shooting, hopefully they find the man and arrest him with out any more deaths involved. Wiz is still touring around if anyone is interested in ducking some bullets and enjoying some good old Wiz Khalifa songs.
Tour dates and more can be found over at Wiz Khalifa's website.

Via Mtv Reporter Kelci Shipley
Officers who were on the scene working security at the event responded. The victim was transported to a local hospital and treated for multiple gunshot wounds. The weapon was a pistol with a large magazine and no arrests have currently been made. Authorities reported this morning that the victim died as a result of the shooting, and police are pursuing an active investigation to find the shooter.